Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns
US Delivery

*Delivery charges vary by weight and will be shown at checkout, but can be generally costed as per below
*Economy Tracked Delivery (7-25 working day working days) maybe the tracking number showing after 14 days *or more   $200 per Ball Launcher You will be provided delivery details upon dispatch



*Delivery charges vary by weight and will be shown at checkout
*Unfortunately we cannot ship to the  China at this time - but hope to soon
*You will be provided tracking details upon dispatch


Every launcher comes with a free 12 month component warranty which covers:

*Failure of all mechanical components
*Failure of all electronic components



*All customers are advised to follow the maintenance guidelines highlighted within the user and instruction manual 


Ball Launcher cannot be held accountable for fair use and wear including:

*Customer damage
*General scratches, scuffs and chips from fair use
*Firing wheel rubber degradation (this will naturally occur over time, they are replaceable and typically have an 18-24 month lifespan)
*General rubber degradation on trolley wheels
*Natural battery degradation over time (your battery should operate at a peak capacity for a 2+ year lifespan and are replaceable)
*Natural degradation of electronics within control panel over time (they are replaceable, and covered in our 12 month warranty)


Terms & conditions of returns and refunds:

*If you receive your Ball Launcher, it remains unused and you no longer want it, refunds are only considered at the full discretion of  management
*The customer is responsible for any shipping costs and packaging arrangements in returning item/s safely and securely
*A full inspection of any returned item/s occur at the  factory