Goalkeeper Equipment 

Deflect Pro 1

The PRO1 is our largest and premier product. The aluminum frame, standing at 7.5 feet tall and 18 feet wide, provides a target area of 135 square feet and offers the largest variations of deflections .


Deflect Pro 2

Smaller but equally as tough, the PRO2 offers a target area of 50 square feet and an infinite amount of deflections.

Deflect STA Matrix

The STA (Surface to Air) Matrix is our elite ground level product. A front line of deflection pods deflect the ball up from the surface of varying angles whilst a matrix of deflection pods behind it deflects dipping shots with changes of angle, pace and spin


Pro Deflect STA

The STA (surface to Air) is our entry level product measuring six meters long with 25 multi sized deflection pods and deflects shots up from the surface at various angles.