About Us

Having regularly witnessed training sessions that were considered either worthwhile or not worthwhile dependent almost entirely on the quality and consistency of ball delivery, we set out to provide an affordable, quality and practical solution for coaches and players that would take away the "hit or miss" element of coaching and make every training session worthwhile.

We recognize that despite the differences in language and cultures around the world, football training and coaching methods remain largely similar. This is why we fundamentally believe whether you are a club, academy, soccer school, parent, professional or amateur team that machine Ball Launcher can help you meet the required outputs of training quicker and better than ever before.

Through the creation of many prototypes and much testing, both in house and with football industry insiders and customers, we reached a production machine that can provide significant benefits to training and coaching from grass roots up to professional level. We take great pride in the positive feedback we have received from happy customers in the US and Internationally.

Moving forwards, numerous add-ons for the Ball Launcher will become available. Looking further ahead, we have exciting ideas such as creating machines for other ball sports .

We appreciate the support of all who have helped us on our way and are very excited about the future. Above all, we know that it is hard work that will forge success! We thank you for visiting us.